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Descrierea produsului Compressport Fullsocks Run are high-performance trail running socks that work excellent on working muscles and offers optimal support during road, track, and trail sessions. Reduced muscle vibration postpone fatigue and improves performance.

compression socks running

The result? The soft, stretchy fibres of the Full Socks Run offer targeted compression for perfect working on muscles and helps you maintain speed and intensity for a longer run.

Splash through puddles or run in the rain, the socks remain light thanks to fast-wicking ventilation stripes woven directly into the fabric.

compression socks running

The 3D. Dot technology absorbs impacts, protects sensitives areas such as the Achilles tendon and provides micro-massage for increased blood flow.

compression socks running

It also guarantees excellent grip of the foot in the shoe, reducing the risk of overheating and blisters caused by excessive movement. The integrated arch support prevents the fabric from twisting and offers reassuring stability in rocky terrain, while the stretchy fibres allow toes to expand naturally on impact for instinctive, fluid running.

Best Running Compression Sock Reviews 2021 - Best Budget Running Compression Socks (Buying Guide)

The classy black compression compression socks running can also be worn before the activity to encourage blood flow and prepare muscles and mind for effort.

Fullsocks Run perfect for road running and for all activities that require good muscular protection and effective recovery.

compression socks running

With their elegant design, they will become your best ally for tonic legs in all occasions. Features: Achilles protection - the cushioning effects of the 3D. Dots at the rear of the sock protect the Achilles tendon from friction and pressure Acupressure - "the massaging acupressure" is designed to activate blood circulation compression socks running multipoint massaging of the sole area Archstim support - located in the arch of the foot, varicoza boala barbailor also provides for venous return and recovery Ergo-fit - perfect fit, maximising efficiency and comfort Malleolus protect - the 3D.

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Dots on the inner part of the malleolus with the prevention of shocks Grip 3D. DOTS are multidirectional and ensure maximum grip in shoes thereby preventing feet from slipping during effort Thermo aeration enables air to enter the 3D.

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Feet stay dry The structure of the 3D. DOTS enables moisture to be evacuated between the dots and air to circulate freely so your foot stays cool and dry The 3D. DOTS provide a massaging acupressure effect to activate blood circulation and shock absorption, which prevents pressure points and hot spots Ventilation stripe design - Specific, airy weaving brings even more ventilation to the whole foot, from toe box to the calf.

A light, dry and cool foot.

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