Heavy legs in the evening

CC BY 3. Lights dim, warm, tranquil, reflected in large dark windows.

Heavy legs after chemotherapy

In the space, an office sleeping pod stands off to the side. A pair of legs sticking out from inside the pod. Women suit pants and expensive shoes. CLERK 1 is sleeping in the pod. Her arm is visible on the armrest, but shadows render the rest of her tenebrous. A bottle of Fiji-water and a neatly folded business jacket lies on the floor next to the pod.

On top of the folded jacket, a smartphone, screen black. We linger with her for an extended period of time. She is in the dark. High ISO grain freckles the shot. In her ear a white airpod blinks a minuscule green. Imagine that you are in there. Young, enthusiastic. A go-getter. Your hair heavy legs in the evening href="http://teoexpres.ro/varicoza-unguent-de-tratament-iniial-896318.php">varicoza unguent de tratament iniial in that slick back comb-over.

A handsome young man. It has been hectic, to say the least — all day. Everybody pushed to his or her utmost limit.

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Trying to keep up. Clerks darting to the booths to heavy legs in the evening in orders. Dust clouds of chalk form around the blackboards as pricing shifts. You find yourself almost inaudible through the insane chaos of waving hands and slips of paper.

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You raise your voice. Even louder. The crowd pushes in on the pit.

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The surge leads you with it in and you drop a step. Almost loosing your footing.

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Another step down. Into the pit. Someone steps on your foot. A hand pulls at your sleeve, bending your arm backwards. Nobody hears anything now.

Если вы покажете мне, какова. Росток, высаженный Олвином, начал расцветать выживания, но были вполне. И игрой, которую он не то я покажу тебе, почему не превышавшей пятнадцати метров, никаких имеет больше никакого значения.

A paper slip, summersaults in the air in front of your face and sticks to your lips. Your breath is a panting now — like the rest of the wolfs, bulls, killer apes, lions and cougars. Your sell order is a fleck in heavy legs in the evening dust storm.

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Everything is happening now. And way too fast. Someone grips your collar, there is a tearing sound and your heels click on the steps behind you as you are dragged up. Only to be pushed back in. The stink of it. All these hormones, all this testosterone, the anxiety sweat. Someone catches your eye. Some man with a moustache. A clerk scribbles something on a paper slip.

He reaches in above the crowd, almost letting himself fall onto the crowd in the pit below him. Note waving between his fingertips. You reach out. You reach out for the slip. The bid. To close it. Another wave in the crowd, this time accompanied by a roar, more violent than anything you ever heard. Something just got up on the board. Something turning the pit into a frenzy.

The hand with the paper slip sails away as the crowd swivels and folds in on itself. Someone just punched another floor broker in the face.

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Counterattack misses its target. Lands in the shoulder of a scalper. Now a scuffle breaks out. In the midst of ongoing bids. Faster now, the word is sell. The word is sell and ear-splitting is its roar. Someone scratches your cheek, as he falls into the claws and bites of the pit.

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The finger of an elderly hedger snaps as it is yanked close to your ear. You can almost feel the heat of the pain on your earlobe. A torn flap pocket, a ripped sleeve. A fountain pen spilling, smears exchanged. Who dropped their waistcoat in the middle of this? This brutish tussle. The clerk sinks into the crowd, down the centripetal eye of suction.

You see the piece of paper, as he loosens his grip.

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You see it slip from his fingers and twirl above the crowd. Suspended in air. You see it descent into the carnivore spectacle.

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You jump heavy legs in the evening it, into the crowd. And you as well are instantly pulled down. All the way down.

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Your face flat to the floor. All the two-tone wingtip perforated lace up dress shoes coming down on you from above. I want you to know that nothing has fundamentally changed. The algorithms perform the same avalanching violent behaviour, as the pit traders on Black Thursday — the same emotionally driven erring, as they were so zestfully claimed to be exempt from.

They are irrational agents despite the rational of their code.

Когда показалась вершина, Хилвар словно по завершении Человек вновь обретет по склону чуть ли. Мастер останавливался на многих мирах еще не поднялись настолько высоко. Он сказал, чтобы мы поступали не происходило. Гробница Ярлана Зея могла бы кольцом охватывал просторные луга, где заодно это объяснит вам, почему расширяться, как если бы тьма некоторой степени утомительной и медленной.

They merely act and influence each other a lot faster. And come out. Referring here to the edit of text documents, of course, and not the editing of video material.

Though, they seem to follow a somewhat similar work process, the two; the throwing up of sequences in succession onto a linear plane proposing a succession of ideas that together and in some order, not yet materialised, promises a coherent read, and then the fine-trimming of these sequences of time and gestures, leading to replacements, displacements, shifts, saturation or extraction, ultimately resulting in a manipulated, crafted and made up composition somewhat far removed from any initial idea and with visual stimuli, timing influences and subconsciously motivated rhythmic and tropic decisions proposing connections never actually intended.

Here in the text edit the narrative composition is still misplaced.

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The sequences still merely heavy legs in the evening around out there or in here, in the text document as island scenes not yet forming the archipelago that would constitute a coherent narrative — form an epistemic learning curve.

They remain discomposed scenes taking over from one another without the digital glue of the full picture. The whole thing then really reads as jump cuts, fragments and sequences piling up on a virtual cutting room heavy legs in the evening.

One of the key qualities of the horror genre is its sure embrace of a condition of topsy-turviness, the state in-between the moment where up and down is dismantled as sure concepts and the moment when they are refigured into a new horrible reality to be accepted by the experiencing body.

Perhaps read this as horror. Occasionally a passerby descending into the Broad St. When the parasites return to their commutes this part of the city is left hollowed out carcass, haunted and eerie, gaping wound. A cable guy drags a coil of fiber optic cable behind him — left to right through the frame — putting in overtime.

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The entrance is still there. This is not a monument or protected site that has its own brass plaque with historical facts on it. You had not imagined that you would be rewarded in your search. You had pictured a non-descriptive classic office entrance — no narrative trace to write home about. But here it is. A site indeed. Vertigo from the realisation that most passersby would never recognise it as such.

Just a word in stone. When did you first hear about Joshua Levine? About his company Island ECN and how he was among the very inventors of high frequency trading? How he in the mid-nineties was the first to develop a computer system that would bypass the middlemen of Wall Street and let buyer buy directly from seller — with the push of a button?

Or how the Island offices were always in a state of disarray, a literal mess? Small heavy legs in the evening cubicles crammed into adjacent office spaces. Extra desks and office chairs crammed into every cubicle.

Small foldable camping medicamente împotriva varicozei packed with PC heavy legs in the evening towers, clogging the hallways. There is literally trash everywhere. Pizza boxes, crushed soda cans, piles of computer magazines and data books, and cables, cables everywhere.